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System optimizer for Windows 10 and other recent versions that fix the PC errors.

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If your PC is experiencing slow boot-up time, freezing, and often crashes, then you need to invest in a PC optimizer. The best PC optimizer should clear PC errors and optimize your device for better performance. If you’re wondering which optimizers to choose from the many options available, we’ve got the best advice.

This article looks at the best system optimizers for your device that will optimize it and deal with PC errors conclusively. We will also look at the most important features you should look out for when selecting an optimizer. Read and let us get you the best in the world of optimizers.

What features should you look for in an optimizer?

There are many PC optimizer out there, and you might be wondering which one suits the bill. Here are the most important features.

  • Cleaner for junk and unwanted files

This is one of the basic features your optimizer must-have. You will avoid the hassle of combing through several files and deleting them manually.

  • Start-up manager

If your PC takes time to boot, then you will need a start-up manager. The start-up manager removes the unwanted programs and files that slow your PC booting process.

  • Registry cleaner and error fixer

This feature automatically cleans the registry and fixes any errors.

  • Memory optimizer

This is a must-have feature as memory plays a crucial role in the operation of your device.

  • Duplicate remover

The duplicate remover is the perfect module to ensure no duplicate files are taking up valuable disk space.

  • Privacy controls

The privacy control feature ensures that your device is safe as you go about your online activity.

System optimizer for Windows 10 and other recent versions that fixes PC errors.

Here is a list of the best system optimizers for Windows 10 that will help fix PC errors.

Pc optimizer pro

We start with our most favorite free optimizer. The PC optimizer has some of the best features, and it’s free. With the optimizer, you get the following features:

  • A Universal Fixer that cleans and fixes PC errors.
  • Registry clean to keep your registry error-free
  • Memory optimizer for best performance.
  • Start-up manager for a seamless booting process
  • File shredder to securely delete unwanted files

Advanced system optimizer

The Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best tune-up utilities for cleaning, optimizing, and protecting your windows. It has the following features that keep your system optimized.

  • Feature to remove junk and duplicates, ensuring enough disk space.
  • Boot-up manager to remove unwanted start-up items.
  • A registry cleaner and a memory optimizer.
  • Game optimizer for a fun-filled gaming session with no interruptions.
  • The maintenance feature ensures the optimal performance of your device.
  • Driver updater that works automatically

Advanced PC Clean Up

Advanced PC Clean-up has free and paid versions. With the free version, you will miss out on essential features. But if you can pay the subscription, you can access the following features:

  • Malware and virus scanners
  • Start-up manager to boost the speed of your device.
  • Cleaner for junk and obsolete files.
  • Unwanted program uninstaller.
  • A registry cleaner and error fixer.

Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo is the system mechanic of optimizers as it cleans junk and repairs over 30,000 PC issues. It has the following features:

  • Incredible boot time and start-up time through the start-up manager.
  • Classifies PC issues and recommends the best course of action.
  • It has both a paid and a free version. The free version comes with a lot of great features.
  • Feature to improve the RAM and enhance system performance.
  • It has an intelligent cookie scanner.

Piriform CCleaner

Piriform cleaner is compatible with most window versions and macOS. It’s one of the most popular cleaners and has the features below:

  • Powerful deep scanning feature to keep out viruses and malware.
  • It’s free of charge.
  • Highly compatible with most Windows versions.
  • Excellent cleaning and optimization tools to clean the hard disk.
  • Registry cleaner to fix and clean the registry.
  • Duplicate finder to remove duplicate files.
  • Start-up manager to enhance the booting process.
  • The interface is simple to use.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro

The advanced care software is loaded with performance-enhancing tools for your PC. It does all the PC cleaning for you. Here is what you can expect from the utility.

  • A sleek and straightforward user interface
  • Privacy cleaning tools to keep your activities secure.
  • Tools to remove malware from your device.
  • Cleaning utilities for removing cache files, unwanted files, and broken registry entries.
  • It rejuvenates your PC in minutes.
  • Real-time optimization feature

Cleanmy PC

CleanmyPC has several optimization features to boost device performance. When you install the software, you will get the following features:

  • Device cleaner to ensure enough hard disk space.
  • Unwanted programs uninstaller.
  • Registry optimizer.
  • Start-up manager for a seamless booting experience.
  • Secure file shredder
  • Browser extension manager
  • Automatic PC optimization

Glary utilities pro 5

Glary has a paid and a free version. Both versions offer great features to increase the speed and optimize your device. Here are some features to expect from this software.

  • A feature that displays how long it takes to boot your machine and how you can improve it.
  • It is easy to use and has a well-organized interface that makes it suitable for pros and novice users.
  • File splitter to divide large files into small sizes
  • Displays system information so you know exactly where there is a problem.
  • It has a feature that tracks and displays the performance of your device.
  • Start-up manager to enhance the booting process.
  • Secure file shredder.
  • Disk defragmentation tools for better storage usage.
  • Driver and software updater.


Restoro is one of the top-performing optimizers. It optimizes and repairs the window operating system. Restoro comes with the following features:

  • Feature to clean the registry and fix any errors.
  • It repairs damage resulting from malware.
  • Clean and optimize your device’s hard disk.
  • It identifies PC threats.
  • It automatically optimizes your device.

That is the list of our best system optimizers that clean, fix errors, and enhance the performance of your device. We hope it’s easier to choose the best optimizer for your device. Download the best Pc optimizer and enjoy working on a fast PC.

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