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How to fix Malwarebytes Real-Time Protection Layers Turned Off

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With the increase in the number of invasive threat hunters and exploitive innovations, Malwarebytes serves as our first option. It has been serving as one of the top 10 antivirus software in the market. Security protection, anti-malware, cyber security, anti-ransomware, breach remediation, incident response, and antivirus are among the numerous specialties of Malwarebytes.

However, over the years Malwarebytes has been facing set backs because of its real-time protection issues. Users across the globe have lodged complaints repeatedly, that their Malwarebytes won t open or the protection option would be turned off. But every problem has solution and so do this one. In fact, there are numerous possible solutions, some of which are mentioned below:

Switching ‘the self-protection module early start’ on:

  1. Open the Malwarebytes software.
  2. Choose the Protection option, then choose Settings and then Startup Options.
  3. Then turn on the Enable self-protection module early start
  4. Then move on to reboot your device.Malwarebytes Setting

Your software should run properly by now. However, if your Malwarebytes still wont open, the follow the next solutions.

Running your software as Administrator:

  1. Click on your software icon and choose
  2. When the program opens, choose Compatibility
  3. Then choose Run the program as an administrator.
  4. Choose Apply and the ok

Running Malwarebytes

Turning off Malwarebytes completely:

  1. Close your software completely.

Reinstalling the software:

A major percentage of users found that reinstalling the software in computer, solves their problem permanently. However, if you are using the premium version of Malwarebytes then you need to have your Activation ID in hand. You will need to put the ID before your reinstalled software starts to run again. In case, you have misplaced you ID look for ways to revive it through Regedit

Updating the software:

Updating your software could be a great solution as the company keeps removing the problems in every update. Updates are immediate solution to the issue and assure problem fixing.

  1. Whenever a new version will be launched you will receive a default notification. If you have received a notification then choose Download and install.
  2. In case you do not receive a notification due to several possible reasons, you will have to check for the updates manually.
  3. Open the software and choose
  4. Then navigate to Application and choose Install Application Updates.
  5. You could either find no updates to be available or see you update downloading.
  6. Click yes and install the updates.

Update Malwarebytes

Uninstall the Driver of MBAM web protection:

Uninstalling the driver could actually be a dangerous move. However, it would force your antivirus software to reboot and install itself by its own.

  1. Choose Malwarebytes in the system tray option and then choose Quit Malwarebytes
  2. Find Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  3. Copy and past the command and then click
  4. Restart your computer and open the software.
  5. Go to settings and then to Protection and switch on the real-time protection.

Uninstall the Driver

Add some files to the exception list of the software:

If you are using any other antivirus along with Malwarebytes then this could be the root of your problem. Many times, Malwarebytes fail to function along with a supporting tool. In that case flow the steps:

  1. Open Malwarebytes in the system tray option.
  2. Find the exception settings and install certain files and folders
  3. You will find the list of the files in my other antivirus running application.

Reset MBAM:

In case your MBAM service has gone corrupt, problems like this will inevitably occur. There is no solution to fix the system unless it fixes itself.

System restoration:

Restoring your computer may seem like the last option, but it definitelyworks in some cases. Restore your computer to a restore pint before the occurrence of the error will fix your software issue.


If you are facing an issue like this, then follow the above processes one after another. One among the above will definitely be your solution.

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