How to Restore My Netgear Orbi to its Factory Default Settings?

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Have you been facing issues while trying to log into your Netgear Orbi device? Tried everything but nothing worked in your favor so far? If the answer to both these questions is a big fat YES, then know this isn’t an issue worth stressing over. Users come across this issue every now and then. You aren’t the only one suffering here. So, relax!

If nothing has worked for you so far in troubleshooting the not working issue, then we recommend you to perform Netgear Orbi factory reset.

Caution: Resetting your Netgear Orbi device will restore it to its factory default mode. In other words, whatever changes you’ve made to your WiFi device till date will vanish in thin air. Thus, if you are adamant to fix the issue at hand, go ahead with the process of factory default reset.

Methods to Reset Your Netgear Orbi Device

Outlined below are the two different methods that’ll help you in restoring your Netgear Orbi device to its factory default settings:

  • By accessing the orbilogin page

  • By pressing the Reset button

Walk through both the methods, then decide for yourself which one you want to use to reset your Netgear Orbi device to fix the not working issue.

How to Reset Your Netgear Orbi by Accessing

In this method, you need to log into your Netgear Orbi device. Mentioned below are the instructions that you need to follow in order to reset your device by visiting the orbilogin page:

  • Power on your Netgear Orbi device.

  • Plug the power adapter into the wall socket.

  • Wait for the power LED light to show a shade of green.

  • Once the LED becomes green, connect your Orbi router to the modem.

  • You are free to connect your WiFi devices by using any source of your choice.

  • Then, switch on your laptop and open up a web browser, say Google Chrome.

  • Regardless of what web browser you use, make sure that it is updated.

  • Type in the address bar located at the top left corner of your browser.

  • Press the Enter key on the keyboard.

  • As soon as you hit Enter, you’ll be taken to the Netgear Orbi login web page.

  • Fill in the default username and password of your WiFi device.

  • For the default admin credentials, refer to the manual that along with your device.

  • Once you fill in the default login details of your Orbi, click on the Log In button.

  • Now, go to the Settings option.

  • Click on Administration > Backup Settings> Erase.

  • A warning screen will display.

  • If you are sure about resetting your Orbi device, hit Yes.

Now, wait for a couple of seconds for your Netgear Orbi device to get restored to its default mode.

How to Reset Your Netgear Orbi By Pressing the Reset Button?

This method is easier as compared to the first one. Walk through the step-by-step guidelines given below and know how to reset your Netgear Orbi by simply pressing a pin-like button:

  • Make sure that your Netgear Orbi router is well connected to the modem.

  • Also, ensure that there’s hardware damage. If there is, get the hardware fixed immediately.

  • Look for the Reset button on your Netgear Orbi.

  • Once found, press the button carefully.

  • Rather than using the tips of your fingers, use an oil pin or any other sharp object to press the Reset button.

  • Hold the button for a couple of seconds before releasing it.

After resetting your Netgear Orbi device, don’t forget to perform Orbi setup process. Then, try to log into your device. Are you able to? Feel free to share your experience through the comments section below.

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